Women of Woodfire

Eutectic Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Women of Woodfire, the second annual iteration of our exhibition which gathers the voices of women artists from around the country who have devoted their careers to incorporating wood firing into their ceramic practice. Organized by Careen Stoll, Lindsay Oesterritter, and Brett Binford, this exhibition expands the original vision of Women of Woodfire to include a vast juried selection of artists in addition to the original Women of Woodfire alumnae.


The criteria for the exhibition was rather simple:  Wood firing had to make up a significant amount of the artist’s work, the maker needed to exhibit a high level of craftsmanship and clear artistic voice, and they needed to identify as a woman. We also wanted to showcase the range of possibilities within the genre, showcasing different temperatures, firing approaches, clays and fuel sources. We look forward to where this conversation may continue as women persevere and garner the recognition they deserve even in the facets of our field that are less than welcoming to them.


The artists showcased in this exhibition will also be included in a commemorative book, the publication of which will be announced later during the exhibition.




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