Tastemakers: The Voices in our Heads

In our ever-evolving journey as artists, we find ourselves constantly inspired and influenced by the remarkable individuals who cross our paths. "Tastemakers" is a heartfelt homage to those who ignite our creativity, enrich our perspectives, and propel us toward greater artistic heights.


Within these walls, you'll encounter a diverse array of works that serve as visual testaments to the profound impact of our mentors, peers, and friends. Each form encapsulates the essence of the relationships that have shaped us as artists and individuals.This exhibition is a tapestry woven with gratitude, admiration, and camaraderie.

We invite you to reflect on the pivotal role that collaboration, mentorship, and friendship play in nurturing artistic growth and fostering a sense of community. May "Tastemakers" serve as a reminder of the transformative power of connection and the beauty that arises when we come together in pursuit of creative expression.


Join us in celebrating the artists, teachers, and friends who enrich our lives and make us better creators.





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