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Noemi Iglesias


"The technique of ceramic floral production is an industrial job that was entirely performed by women throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century in European ceramic factories.

In my work, I reproduce this technique to outline the current commodification of falling in love and how emotional patterns are socially assumed as commercial icons in the production of a romantic utopia, where sentimental experiences are presented through specific products manufactured by the industry and transforming emotional patterns into consumerist strategies. " -- Noemi Iglesias


This Feature includes three facets of Noemi's exploration within these traditions and concepts: Everlasting, Diao Ni, and Quarantine.




Everlasting is a limited edition of porcelain wedding cars produced during my residence at the Gimhae Clayarch Museum in Korea. The model, a 67 Ford Mustang, was produced to satisfy the desire of the consumer, not the necessity. So, even though this wide offer of romantic artefacts does not control the entire spectrum of intimate relationships, directly or indirectly, have thoroughly permeated our imagination: It is important to spend money to be loveable.




An interpretation of the originally japanese lucky cat "Maneki Neko”. On his left hand, the cat is holding the Chinese symbol for love: (Ai) . On the right hand, the western gesture of the middle finger up. For this piece, I made a collaboration with the Bebon Ceramics Company in Dehua, focussed on the production of decorative lucky cats. The white version of this piece will be displayed in October this year at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei as part of the Yingge Ceramics Biennale.




A limited edition of 40 porcelain gas masks smoke fire at 1260 °C. Each mask is unique and it has a very intricate handmade flower work on the vents. The proposal researches into how affective bonds are established through social networks in these times when physical closeness is not allowed. The project was recently exhibited at the MIA Art Collection virtual museum and it will also be displayed as a solo show at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan.





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