Lauren Skelly Bailey Online Feature

I consider myself as an explorer, seeking new ways of layering, swirling, forcing, bending, breaking and reusing surfaces. In the newest body of work older pots have been given new layers of ceramic materials resulting in new compositions of surface and color. These pieces are mirroring how corals handle stress. More specifically how they are able to change their outer skins to reflect their inability to be sustained due to climate change such as, temperatures rising. While stress affects them to turn bright neon, and occasionally stark white from a bleaching event. They do come out of these events to live healthier lives. 


As a mother, and maker I am grappling with new ways of navigating how to reflect on these roles and play with color in my work. I have recently found that by reworking older works through layering new materials, I am able to go through the entire process again. Older parts of my practice become relevant, and important for good bones of new sculptures. By restarting the firing process the work mirrors the cyclical life of a coral. 


Each firing presents a new element to the piece furthering its transformation from fail to fixed. Not all firings are successful, but the learning that takes place is a win for me. I make earthy lasagnas, I respond to changes, and observe balance in my work. I seek to push an uneasy tension between materials and form.





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