Duet - Doug Jeck and Christine Golden

Artists Christine Golden and Doug Jeck are known independently for their lifelike ceramic and mixed media sculptures. In October of 2016 the artists came together for a shared artist residency at Zanesville Ohio Ceramic Arts in Zanesville, Ohio to collaborate on a new body of work. Much like a musical composition for two performers, the duet between Doug Jeck and Christine Golden transpired in tandem to generate an inspired suite of sculptures. 

Each artist arrived at ZOCA in Zanesville with a variety of equivalent clay heads in various stages of completion; some were blank slabs, others had fully formed and resolved features. Unaccustomed to one another’s method of sculpting, Jeck and Golden exchanged the sculpted heads and intuitively reconstructed or deconstructed each piece.  Working side-by-side lead to the constant sharing of techniques, ideas, and personal anecdotes.  Likewise, the consistent exchange of heads between artists resulted in unexpected and exciting responses that took each piece into uncharted territory. This dynamic situation is visually evident in the seamless cohesion and the psychological landscape of each sculpture. 


Golden and Jeck had an uncanny accordance when determining the point in which each piece should be complete. Sometimes trading the heads up to 6 times before resolution was agreed upon. The repeated sharing, reflecting, and reworking produced a collection of works with truly collaborative authorship.  


Watch the video of the colladoration here




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