Coco Spadoni Online Feature

"In our modern society, we are simultaneously performing productivity and success while accepting the truly messy and human part of ourselves. I explore this tension further in my forms by using a combination of wheel-thrown and hand-building methods. The wheel-thrown section represents refinement, while the hand-building section shows the apparent touch of humanity."


"I use the porcelain wheel-thrown section of my forms to explore abstracted characters and landscapes further. In this library of abstracted symbols, each references the body, childish play, deflated dreams, or reimaginings of queerness. I am interested in isolating these moments and building a new narrative and landscape for these feelings to live and thrive."


Coco Spadoni is a queer non-binary potter and ceramic artist based in Seattle, WA. In 2015, they earned their BA from Western Washington University in Community Arts. Spadoni has exhibited at Pottery Northwest, Saltstone Ceramics, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, The Factory, and Columbia Sky View Observatory. Spadoni integrates unexpected sculptural forms into familiar and comfortable everyday objects like mugs, cups, and planters. They use bold colors to explore themes of queerness, being in a body, and playful energy.





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