Rosanne Sniderman

I am a ceramic artist living and working in a small rural town in Massachusetts. The wood kiln that I fire is a kiln very dear to my heart that I helped build when I was in graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 20+ years later I am still learning from that kiln and crew with every firing.


I seek to make pots that create the experience of a visceral response. I want the forms to stir memories of body, plant, growth, furling and unfurling.


We respond to that which is familiar. I want my pots to feel familiar, to

be a very part of nature themselves, to feel alive. 


The form is the structure, the skeleton, and the surface, the skin. Firing the work in the wood kiln provides the time and atmosphere for the glaze and ash to build up and settle onto the body of the pots in a way that accentuates the sensual and reactive push and pull of the form; the deep crevasses and the taught expansion of the lobes. Perhaps like a very form fitting dress or the bark of a Banyan tree and the human body, itself.


I strive to create work that has the capacity to draw out a response through the subtle representation of form and the energy.



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