Jinsik Yoo

Jinsik Yoo

Jinsik Yoo aims to disrupt binary classifications of people through figurative sculpture and  installation. Born in Daejon, South Korea he studied graphic for nine years in Seoul before  moving to the US at the age of 32. Yoo studied ceramics at Konkuk University and Alfred  University (MFA ’19).


Growing up queer in South Korea with a strict moral code influenced my interest in using  symbols to communicate, as the message is disguised through another language only those  that know could understand. My background studies of graphic design further enhanced my  knowledge of how to utilize color, line, shape, and form, so that I can manipulate, cut up, and  reshape the context of what the viewer is seeing. With clay I find that I am able to create  sculpture that remains abstract yet references the human form, which I understand to be  complex and exists with many layers composed of histories, experiences and emotions. My  process is best understood as a layered approach: I start building, reflect, and finally respond.  Through the mash up of 2-D and 3-D work I explore issues relevant to my life, including a  disassembling of gender binaries, how memory affects our perception, and conscious decision  making.

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