Eutectic Gallery- Call to Artists

Eutectic Gallery of Portland, Oregon proudly announces an open call to artists in the ceramic medium.

Eu・tec・tic – [yoo-tek-tik] adj.: The proportion of constituents in a mixture that yields the lowest possible complete melting point; often lower than the constituents on their own.

Similar to the relationship between the components that make up clay and their proportions, Eutectic Gallery wishes to explore the relationship between an artist’s process, product, & concept, and the public’s interpretation of, interaction with, and critique of said work.

Eutectic is seeking submissions that interpret and exemplify the Eutectic concept throughout a body on work, or between two artists and two bodies of work.

The cost of submission for a single artist is $25 and $35 for a pair and may include up to 5 images.  Additional images can be submitted for $5 each.

Deadlines: We are always happy to view submitted work in the format requested below.  We have currently filled the 2014 schedule for our main gallery but are always looking for new artist to show and represent.  We currently review submissions once every 60 days and do our best to contact the artists with in a timely manner, but due to a large volume of submissions, responses can be delayed.

All submission fees are non refundable.  Submissions can be sent via US Postal Service, Fed Ex or UPS to the address below. Compact Discs, DVDs, flash drives or 8″x10″ prints [we can not be responsible for returning physical items] can be sent with proper documentation along with a cheque for the correct amount addressed to:

Attention, Call to Artist
Eutectic Gallery
1930 NE Oregon St.
Portland, OR 97232
Submissions can also be made online through our shop with PayPal or most major credit cards. Please follow the directions on the link to submit images digitally.
Click here for single artist submission
Click here for paired artist submission
Click here to add additional slides to your submission

All submissions will be acknowledged by email confirming receipt.

Please include the following as a .PDF with each submission, with the artists name and 2013 in the title, such as [dick_tracy_2013.pdf]

  • Artist name
  • Artist email
  • Artist mailing address
  • Image files named with artist name, title and year, such as;  [dick_tracy-moonlight_saucer-2012.jpg]
  • Dimensions and weight of each piece including length, width and height.
  • Please list all materials used in each completed piece, including the particular technique, firing style, type of clay used, type of glaze, firing temp e.g. cone, and method of firing e.g. gas or electric.
  • Artist CV
  • Artist Bio
  • Artist Statement
  • All images must be sized at least 8 x 10 inches at 300dpi in .JPG format

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