Matthew CAUSEY & Lauren MABRY
June 6th – July 26th 2014
Grand Opening: Friday, June 6th at 6pm
Mid Reception: Friday, May 2nd at 6pm
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For artists Matthew Causey and Lauren Mabry, “SUPERFICIAL” explores two different approaches to working on surfaces of clay.  Paired together for the upcoming exhibition at Eutectic Gallery, Causey and Mabry embrace the superficial nature of their work, Causey through humorous illustrations in black and white and Mabry through vibrant, abstract layers of color.  The grand opening of “SUPERFICIAL” will be on Friday, June 6th and displayed through July 26th.

Curated by Eutectic partners Brett Binford and Fletcher Halyburton, “SUPERFICIAL” pairs two emerging ceramic artists working in distinctly different styles, yet sharing a similar exploratory nature on the surface of clay.  Instead of introducing physical texture to the surfaces, both artists use glazes, slips and various other materials to paint on smooth clay surfaces.  Sharing the utilization of repetition throughout their work, Causey and Mabry are each brilliantly honing their distinct styles while continuing to grow and push their work technically and superficially.

A self described Army Brat, Matt Causey unsurprisingly credits comics, cartoons and pop culture for his unmistakable illustrations on porcelain surfaces.  “This bombardment of media stimulation has corroded my ability to be subtle.” he says in his artist statement. Studying animation at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania before moving back to North Carolina, where an interest in southern folk ceramics led him to OCAC before earning his masters at California State University of Long Beach.  Back in North Carolina, Matt is currently working as a full time studio artist and is currently featured in Garth Clark’s C-File Shop.  In conjunction with “SUPERFICIAL”, Matt Causey will be a visiting artist at Ash Street Project from May 23-June 6th.

Lauren Mabry’s painterly, abstract, ceramic sculptures have recently been receiving national attention; featured on the  cover of the May 2014 issue of Ceramics Monthly and receiving the Emerging Artist Award from the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts in March of 2014.  Lauren received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and her MFA from from University of Nebraska at Lincoln before a residency at The Archie Bray Foundation.  Mabry is currently a resident at The Clay Studio of Philadelphia.

The grand opening of “SUPERFICIAL” at the Eutectic Gallery will begin at 6pm on June 6th 2014 as a part of the First Friday Inner Eastside Gallery Crawl and will feature refreshments and small bites. The Gallery is open Thursday through Sunday and by appointment, “SUPERFICIAL” will be on display through July 26th.

The Ash Street Project, a 5000 square foot space in Portland’s Central Eastside District, houses a commercial gallery, an event space, and the studios of Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom.  Moreover, it is home to the Emerging Artist Mentorship Program (ASP:EAMP), a program designed to support clay-based artists in their pursuits.  The commercial gallery provides a venue for artists to share experimental work with the community. Through exhibits, workshops and lectures, visiting artists, and gatherings around food and drink, the Ash Street Project is part of the ebb and flow of community dialog. Matthew Causey will be a visiting artist at Ash Street from May 23-June 6th, working on a “Portland Portraits” project.

The Clay Studio of Philadelphia was founded in 1974 by five artists in need of workspace, Envisioned as a stepping stone for students fresh out of art school, offering affordable studio space and shared equipment, however, within a short time, Clay Studio artists consciously shifted the Studio’s mission from an inward focus to an outward educational and community focus. It was the artists’ intention to affirm the importance of the ceramic arts alongside other art forms, as well as to bring clay as an accessible, tactile medium to a broad range of people. In 1979, the Studio became a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution. Lauren Mabry is currently a resident artist at Clay Studio.

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