Cloud Sourcing

June 5 – July 5
Artists: Dylan Beck, Samuel Chung, Julia Galloway, Joe Page, and Kyungmin Park

Modern Interpretations of the Cloud Motif Explored through Contemporary Ceramics

April 16, 2015, Portland, OR—Oregon College of Arts and Crafts Ceramic Department Head¬† Dylan Beck has been investigating the use of clouds as a recurring theme and decorative element throughout the history of ceramics. In Eutectic Gallery’s upcoming exhibit, Cloud Sourcing, Beck shares his personal interpretations of the cloud, and brings together five fellow ceramic artists to demonstrate their varied perspectives on capturing the ephemeral qualities of the cloud and in their work. New sculptural, installation, and functional work from artists Dylan Beck, Samuel Chung, Julia Galloway, Joe Page, and Kyungmin Park will surround visitors, placing their head in the clouds, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. The opening reception is First Friday, June 5th from 6:00-9:00 pm.

The cloud, has appeared on ceramics for thousands of years, from as early as the 12th century B.C. when it was used in Chinese ceramic objects. It was used to represent the heavens, immortality, transformation, the cosmos, and beyond and continues to proliferate in all genres of contemporary ceramics. While historical uses of cloud imagery are attributed with these grandiose themes, it remains an enduring symbol and source of inspiration for ceramists.  Cloud Sourcing provides a snapshot of the elemental attraction to the cloud in contemporary American ceramics.