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Eutectic Gallery is proud to present 6 exhibitions a year of local and national contemporary ceramics. Please click on the show cards below to view additional information about the artist.

Josh DeWeese Show Card

Objectus Show Card

Objectus brings together three artists rising in the national ceramics community: Chris Dufala, Mitchell Spain and Shalene Valenzuela. Their work invites the viewer to look beyond the familiar everyday object to look for deeper concepts and illusions. Each artist recreates mass produced, often disposable, objects of convenience; constructing them using the unexpected material of clay. Personal commentary is woven into their work through surface decoration and the overall form. Their approach and commentary may be different, but their pieces share flawless technical execution and push the viewer to engage and explore beyond the surface of the common throw-away object.

Forest for the Trees- Ceramics Art from Ted Vogel and Jeff Irwin

Featuring work from Ted Vogel and Jeff Irwin

Forest for the Trees

February-March 2016

Artists: Ted Vogel and Jeff Irwin

A survey of 2015 shows and preview of 2016 shows.

A survey of 2015 shows and preview of 2016 shows.

In Flux

December 2015-January 2016



Go Figure Show Card









Art out of War: ceramic works from four combat veterans, at Eutectic Gallery, contemporary ceramics

Baba Wague Diakite, Calm in Chaos at Eutectic Gallery, reception and opening, August 2nd at 6pm

COGnition: Contemporary wood fired sculpture by Richard Brandt, John George Larson and Brad McLemore at the Eutectic Gallery in Portland, Oregon

Brad Mildrexler: Monoliths & Megaliths at Eutectic Gallery, April 5th thru May 25th, 2013

"LOST MARIPOSAS", by Kelly Garrett Rathbone at Eutectic Gallery