Tim Kowalczyk

Tim is a trompe l’oeil ceramic ceramicist who grew up in Morris, IL and now lives and works in Minonk, IL. He teaches at Illinois Central College in East Peoria and University of Illinois Springfield as a Ceramics Instructor. In 2008 he received his BFA in Ceramics and Art education and a minor in Art History from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In 2011 he graduated with an MFA from Illinois State University. Since 2009 Tim has had a continuous stream of juried, invitational, group and solo exhibitions. He received several awards including the 82nd Annual Merwin Medal, Water Street Studios: Best of Show and the Presidential Scholarship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Tim’s work is in several Universities’ collections, private collections and publications. He is represented by several galleries throughout the nation.

This body of work is inspired by my move from the big city of Normal, IL to the small country town of Minonk, IL, where I now live and work. The country night sky in Minonk comes to life with stars because it doesn’t suffer from light pollution the way city night skies do. The longer I live in Minonk, the more I look up at the night. More and more, I find myself trying to recreate the country night sky through trompe l’oeil ceramic objects. I now think of myself as a bizarre collector of objects who creates relationships between mundane things and a sky filled with stars. As absurd as some of these relationships may be, they help me grapple with and process the vastness of what I’m looking at. As a result, this group of work contains elements of both absurdity and beauty.