Theresa Arrison


When I see something that I fall in love with I say

“I want to eat that.”  The most translatable examples I can give are babies and puppies, but the sentiment extends to all different manner of things, the delicious curve of a cup, a bright pattern on a summer dress, a soul stopping song on the radio.  I seek the moments in life that make me stop in my tracks and take a second look.

Working in my studio, nestled at the foot of the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, OR, my main goal is to make things that give others that same moment of pause, ask them to linger for a bit, and maybe, just maybe, make them want to take a nibble.


For the majority of my work I make molds out of intriguing vintage and modern objects, then manipulate the cast pieces by cutting, recombining and adding wheel thrown or handbuilt elements.  By doing this I can create a cohesive collection with touches of humorous individuality.

I make all my own glazes and regularly experiment to find new colors.  The colorant is mixed in by hand which allows for surprising bursts of color on the surface, which adds to the individuality of each piece.