Sarah Chenoweth Davis

Sarah Chenoweth-Davis earned an MFA in Applied Craft and Design from the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and a BA in Biology from the College of Wooster in Ohio.  She established her first studio in 2002, outside Hood River, Oregon, where she built her first kiln. Since then her practice has brought her from forest to farm to urban jungle. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US and in Japan and has been featured in various publications including Ceramics MonthlyThe Journal of Australian Ceramics, and the interactive e-book American i-Pottery.  Sarah currently maintains a studio in Portland, Oregon, where she also works as a Gallery Associate for Eutectic Gallery.

Clay is a second language for me and a means of processing, distilling, and reflecting upon the cacophony.  In working with clay, particularly from the potter’s wheel, I work in collaboration with physics, geology, and chemistry, systems which often have the final say. The give and take of this process makes me keenly aware of my own potential and limitations and in effect forces me to confront the duality of my own importance and irrelevance. I seek to create objects which reflect a similar sense of fleeting preciousness. An introvert by nature, my practice is grounded in crafting objects of intimacy, particularly functional objects, which enhance or encourage connection and the creation of closely held memories. Conversely, my sculptural practice investigates relationships between individuals and systems and the give and take required to create something beautiful outside ourselves.