Richard Brandt

Richard Brandt has been walking the earth around Portland Oregon for over 50 years and working with clay for more than 20. He has been surfing his mind since before he could remember, not convinced that it was his. His passion for adventure, experimentation, and the discovery of his true nature has brought him around the crucible of the wood kiln as often as possible. The utensils for tea and his love for the land guide his forms and pace. “The passage of time and the story of the sensuous human experience lay on my work. I erode, then build again, reminiscent objects from the past, cycled through the fire, to the future to erode again.”

I have been firing my ceramics in wood fired kilns since 1996. This type of firing has been done for 1000’s of years. The traditional Japanese style kilns I fire are called anagamas. This type of firing offers an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with the power of nature… to be part of a truly synergistic beauty of process and object. I also fire a uniquely designed wood kiln that uses used vegetable oil as an assist fuel with wood. The kilns I’ve fired are located through out the west and in Japan.