Paul Ide

Paul Ide is a diverse and accomplished artist who has exhibited his work throughout the United States.  He received his undergraduate degree in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2002.  An accomplished potter, illustrator and muralist, he creates works that respond to the ever-changing seasons of his life.  Having been greatly influenced by the Hip Hop culture, his work, regardless the medium, reveals this influence allowing him to visually communicate his ideas in a way that is deeply and personally rooted.  Paul lives in Fargo, North Dakota with his wife Kristin and two daughters.

My process for making art is gathering, or “harvesting” ideas, feelings, and inspiration from the situation I am in at that moment…and create. I tend to have random artistic “seasons” where I switch my focus from one medium or process to another. This allows me to be creative and produce artwork less the title that defines, and limits many artists that choose to adhere to a title. “I’m a painter” doesn’t allow for working with clay, or pouring bronze. Removing the title and the limitations an artistic discipline implies is liberating. “No, I will not fit into your little box and behave like a good little artist”.

Through this process, this journey, this artistic ADHD, I have planted many seeds. Squirrels plant seeds too, and many of those seeds become trees by accident. My current body of work, or the work that is in my head that I am about to make (unless I get distracted), is a forgotten seed, harvested on purpose It’s personal, it’s intimate, it’s functional, and I need to share it with people. High five.