Miles Spadone

Miles Spadone grew up in the coastal town of Kennebunk, Maine. His mother, an ex- potter and father, a contemporary furniture designer/builder as well as part time falconer; Spadone lived amongst an unlikely collection of Art Deco furniture and birds of prey. After several years in Montana, New Zealand, and Oregon Spadone decided to move back East to finish school in Portland, Maine. Maine proved to be a fertile ground for new imagery and influence. There he witnessed boats being winterized. A process where boatyards drape large sheets of plastic over the boats and heat the plastic until it shrinks and seals the boat from inclement weather. Moved by the process and imagery, Spadone began experiment in his father’s wood shop by building architectural structures and wrapping them in plastic. As the process matured Spadone strived to mimic the look of plastic in clay. Today he and his sister, Molly, have a clay studio above their father’s furniture shop in Kennebunk, Maine.