Matthew Causey

Army Brat Matthew Causey was dragged all around the globe; his constant companions were cartoons.  Wanting to become better acquainted with his fellow travelers he studied Animation at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  After earning his BFA, he boomeranged back to his parents homestead in North Carolina.  Southern Folk pottery became an obsession that led our hero West to the Oregon College of Art and Craft.  Upon earning a Post baccalaureate certificate in Ceramics Matt traveled South once more and ended up at California State University of Long Beach where he is gained an MFA in Studio Art.   He’s now back in Dixie, where he did a short stint teaching at Old Dominion University, and is currently working full time as a studio Artist in North Carolina.

Cartoons, comics, and pop-culture have dominated my understanding of this wacky world we inhabit. This bombardment of media stimulation has corroded my ability to be subtle. In response, I draw. I draw when I am happy, pissed off, bored off my gourd, or just down in the dumps. To Further get my point across I turn to all to the tools at my disposal, be it anvils, video, TNT, or Art; whatever it takes to get the job done!