Lauren Mabry

I make painterly, abstract, ceramic sculpture. I’m a calculated risk-taker with a keen attraction to color, movement, and material. Primarily my work communicates directly through its formal and aesthetic qualities, but it may also be understood in relationship to Post-Minimalist and Process Art. Ultimately, my work is a synthesis of intuitive, expressive surfaces and elemental forms. The intricately glazed surfaces sometimes look weathered and aged, but at the same time colorfully lush and wet. There is a sense of immediacy to the mark making, and at moments a sense of play.

The absence of representation in my work allows the marks, brush strokes, and color to communicate. I’m compelled by the scintillating, seductive energy created through formal dualities. Drips, swipes, and splashes of colorful glazes variously fold and float. In some passages bold hues intermingle with spells of quiet tints and shades. The completed surfaces look effortless, but in fact they are the result of my long-term study of the physical and chemical behavior of ceramic materials. My forms are a sculptural support for highly expressive, versatile painting. The final works are the physical embodiment of my studio process, continual play, and intuitive impulses.