Kat & Roger

K&R Ceramics is the collaborative efforts of Los Angeles artists, Kat Hutter and Roger Lee. This duo met while attending graduate school at Clemson University where Roger received his MFA in Ceramics, and Kat her MFA in Painting. Both have continued their own work, but recently realized their dream of creating a line of work together. K&R have lived in various regions of the United States including South Carolina, Oregon, Lake Tahoe and now Los Angeles. All of their experiences together have gone into creating both the shapes and patterns represented in their collection of hand-painted ceramics. The work is a collection of high-fired stoneware, hand-thrown by Roger and hand-painted by Kat. The work is durable, microwave and dishwasher safe (very user friendly).    

After all these years of building up technical skill and experimentation, with K&R we wanted to come back to our basic understanding of form and function. We just wanted to focus on a collection of minimal, functional pieces with emphasis on surface and texture. Roger is influenced by the idea of everyday function and utilitarianism. However, we do like to put our own voice in the forms through their simple shape and pattern rooted in the laid back Southern California lifestyle. The patterns are constantly changing, but come from my love of repetition. The history of pattern and decoration crosses boundaries of time and culture, and human expression. K&R patterns stem from geometric shape that has followed me throughout my entire artistic career. The stoneware Roger uses also has that connection to history, and the raw material of something from the earth that clay has always had.