John George Larson

John George Larson is a painter and wood fire ceramic artist from southwest Minnesota.  He discovered clay at age fourteen as a means of expression and as an alternative way of exploring fundamental physics.  He has studied at Utah State University and under contemporary ceramist Oh Hyang Jong in South Korea. He recently spent a year working for Mudshark Studios in Portland Oregon. John is currently building his fifth wood kiln and maintains his studio in Milan Minnesota. He uses native clays and other indigenous materials to create his works which can be found in national and international collections.

Under a constant spell to discover the truth, the resulting works are an exploration into the magnification of the object as metaphor and the physical and mental limitations of the human body.  Given a limited number of seemingly perfunctory variables, the way in which we reassemble them and give meaning to them is infinite.  I am motivated by the limitations of native clays, the demanding wood fire process and the way in which we are united by incredibly simple mechanisms to describe a process in which I find truth and meaning.