Jeff Irwin

“Jeff Irwin’s work is deceitful, in a delightful way. It evokes one of Picasso’s most famous comments, “Art is a lie that tells the truth”. Critic, Robert Pincus

Born in Long Beach, California in 1954, Irwin obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Humboldt State University and a Master of Fine Arts from San Diego State University. His work is in the collections of the Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA; San Angelo Museum of Art, San Angelo, TX; and the Wustum Museum, Racine, WI; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA; Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Ireland. Currently living in San Diego, Irwin is a Professor in the Ceramics Department at Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA, having taught there since 1989.  He has exhibited extensively in the US and Internationally.

My work is inspired by nature and the ways in which we utilize it to fulfill our needs, whether they are physical or psychological needs. I regularly use the tree form or a product of it as a symbol for nature.
The white work is directly inspired by animal trophies from taxidermy. This work often merges tree forms and animal trophies to represent our manipulation of nature and our need to idealize that manipulation. For me this work alludes to beauty, power, ego, preciousness and loss. White as a color or absence of color brings with it connotations of simplicity, clarity, spirituality, and transcendence between life and death.