Careen Stoll

With strong roots in experiential education, Careen Stoll has traveled extensively around the globe and within her experience of self. She attended Carleton College and then Utah State for her BFA and MFA degrees as well as learning from studio potters Linda Christianson and Silvie Granatelli. While in MN, she developed her ethics around studio practice and ecological impact in conversation with Linda, CSA farmers, and friends at her carpentry job. These ethics translated into the creation of the Tin Man kiln upon establishment of a studio in Portland, OR. She now has a studio at a developing permaculture site in Battle Ground, WA.

I design my pots to be comfortable in the hand and minimal of form. Think of beach stones or soft bodies: the full curve, asymmetry and dimples. Whether fired simple white or muted woodfire, I love working with porcelain because of its skin-silky touch and supple working qualities. I strive to live and work in ways that minimize my carbon footprint by firing with wood and waste vegetable oil or recently, with solar energy. This ties into a more broad philosophy of permaculture, which for me means integrating my cultural activity to the cycles and designs of nature. I often make the tools that I use and the spaces in which I live in addition to the pots on which I share local foods with loved ones.