Brian R. Jones

My current work lies in my interest in the investigation of the transformative character of memories. In particular, I am thinking of pots that belonged to my grandmother. A remembrance of a jar, cup, and plate serves as the point of departure for contemplation of form, color, and tone. The nature of how a pot reveals itself over time to an audience is the long echo of that initial reverie. The pot is both a reservoir and an initiator of memories.

The convention that a pot is “complete” after it has been fired is something that I am working to subvert by the addition of other materials following the glaze firing. Ways of questioning a pot’s function, both as an object and a narrative element, naturally arise as different materials are composed to create new layers. This juxtaposition complicates the reading of the work, slowing the comprehension and experience of what may appear to be a simple object. The pot’s domestic surroundings, the casual way in which it is constructed, and its surface against that of another material give the work a constructed and contemplative significance that will divulge its identity over time.