About Eutectic

Eu・tec・tic – [yoo-tek-tik] adj.:

The proportion of constituents in an alloy or other mixture that yields the lowest possible complete melting point; often lower than the constituents on their own.

Similar to the relationship between the components that make up clay and their proportions, Eutectic Gallery wishes to explore the relationship between an artist’s process, product, & concept, and the public’s interpretation of, interaction with, and critique of said work. Eutectic is about building relationships: with contemporary ceramic artists, with the greater PDX art community, with local schools and colleges, and with those seeking a greater exposure and introduction to fine ceramic art.

Eutectic Gallery strives to present the most exquisite contemporary ceramic art to the Portland Fine Arts community. Eutectic will not only provide a venue for upcoming and established ceramicists to display their work, but will serve as a center that can provide greater immersion into modern American ceramics through education via interaction with both the artist and his/her work and the larger PDX arts community.

Eutectic Gallery believes that, through these efforts of outreach and relationship building, we will provide a platform for a stronger and more dynamic conversation and understanding of modern ceramic arts.

Partners Brett Binford, & Chris Lyon