Go Figure
August 7 – September 26

Artists: Amber Aguirre, Wesley Anderegg, Chris Antemman, Stephen Braun, Kelly Garrett Rathbone, Christine Golden, Heidi Preuss Grew,  Gerit Grimm, Calvin Ma, Crystal Morey, Erika Sanada, Keith Schneider, Russell Wrankle, and Paige Wright
Opening reception: First Friday, August 7, 2015
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Join us First Friday, August 7th as we celebrate figurative ceramic sculpture, both human and animal, with our August/September exhibition “Go FIgure.”   Eutectic Gallery has curated a stunning selection of works by artists from all over the United States.

In Eutectic’s Back Room:

Ryan Matthew Mitchell

September 3 – 26

Ryan Matthew Mitchell

Opening in Eutectic’s Back Room on September 4th, Ryan Matthew Mitchell.

Ryan will be joining us for the reception and be available for questions and conversation at the opening.

“I stay focused on one simple task of putting ambiguity and paradox between commonly held polar concepts like creation and destruction, artifice and artifact, past and present, symbolic and real, violence and care, part and whole, void and meaning, sincerity and irony, circumstance and intention. Despite its own contradiction and complexity my work is done with the single purpose of asserting that which shared.

This task follows a basic process that works to focus on awareness of how the seemingly chaotic and unintentional material and physical world unfolds through human intention. The process traces a path of concepts drawn through individual will and collective effort as well the residue and rubble of obstinacy.”

—Ryan Mitchell

Opening reception on First Friday September 4th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.