Located in Joseph, Oregon, the LH Project is a two tiered residency and visiting artist program in the eastern part of Oregon.  Providing ceramic artists access to facilities, kilns and expansive areas of pristine wildlife, LH also provides partial work fellowships to resident artists, selected by their Board of Directors, the artists featured in this exhibition.  The facilities, artists, support and funding that the LH Project’s Board bring to the state of Oregon is an essential contribution to contemporary ceramics Nationally.


“Shibul—a profound, quiet feeling suggesting depth, simplicity and purity. There is no exact English counterpart for the word; ‘austere,’ ’subdued’ and ‘restrained’ come closest. To the Japanese, ‘shibui’ describes the beauty of inner illumination.”                                    -Hiroshi OGAWA

Presenting fine art, craft and design all in one exhibition is Eutectic’s answer to the ubiquitous holiday sale using “cash and carry” convenience to create a constantly rotating & changing exhibition of over 50 ceramic artists.

Each visit offers a new experience to art seekers and holiday shoppers alike, featuring a diverse collection of handmade art, objects and functional-ware from local and national talent.

Over the course of seven weeks surrounding the winter holiday, Eutectic Gallery celebrates the diversity of the ceramic community by compiling it’s ever-growing roster of potters and artists to exhibit and sell new works in a mash-up Holiday Ceramics Sale and an Annual Review/Preview.