Cloud Sourcing
June 5 – July 25

Cloud Sourcing

Artists: Samuel Chung, Julia Galloway, Kyungmin Park, Joe Page, and Dylan Beck
Meet artist Julia Galloway at our Mid-Show Reception: First Friday, July 3rd, 6:00 – 9:00

Julia Galloway will be joining us to chat about her work, directly from her residency at Archie Bray in Montana. She’s generously donating 25 % of her July sales at Eutectic to the Environmental Council of Oregon. Eutectic Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Craft will donate 10% of all work from the Cloud Sourcing exhibit sold in July.

About Cloud Sourcing

Eutectic partnered with Dylan Beck, recently appointed onsite liaison for NCECA 2017, to conceptualize and curate this show. Much of Dylan’s recent work has reflected on cloud imagery and how artists translate the theme into clay. He’s selected work from Samuel Chung, Julia Galloway, Kyungmin Park and Joe Page to be shown in Cloud Sourcing, along with a few of his own pieces.

Show Statement from Dylan Beck
The cloud, a motif that has appeared in ceramics for thousands of years, continues to proliferate in all genres of contemporary ceramics. From as early as the 12th century B.C. the cloud motif appeared in Chinese ceramic objects, and has been interpreted to represent the heavens, immortality, transformation, the cosmos, etc. Though historical uses of cloud imagery are attributed with these grandiose themes, the use of cloud imagery still holds its place in ceramics as dynamic decorative imagery. You need not look very far to find the cloud in contemporary ceramics. This enduring symbol remains a source of inspiration for ceramists.

The exhibition Cloud Sourcing is a sample of contemporary works in ceramics that draw from the deep history of the cloud imagery and form for decoration, design, environmental commentary, ephemerality, and identity. Clouds are found throughout the gradient of contemporary ceramics, from utilitarian wares to interactive installation. Cloud Sourcing provides a snapshot of the elemental attraction to the cloud in contemporary American ceramics.

The act of sculpting or drawing a cloud is futile. The cloud is the ultimate ephemeral object. In a constant state of change, one could never capture the image of an individual cloud, especially in a material that is dense, heavy, and opaque. This challenge continually draws ceramists to attempt the impossible.

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In Eutectic’s Back Room:

“Mutations” by Julie Anderson

July 3 – 25

“Enjoy the Stream” Hand-built, carved, press-molded porcelain sculpture












Opening in Eutectic’s Back Room on July 3rd, Mutationsby Julie Anderson.

Because of Julie’s background in biology, images of science and nature are consistently present in her work. Many of her forms are broken down into detailed parts that illustrate the “building blocks” of a given subject within nature. Cells, molecules and eddies of water adorn portions of her sculptures. Buttons, zippers, screws and various types of man-made hardware are often incorporated into these organic forms, alluding to man’s manipulation of nature. Issues of climate change, genetic modification and the excessive use of natural resources are a few of the concepts the artist explores through her sculptural work.

Meet Julie at the opening reception on First Friday July 3rd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.